Seven women meet in a white, undefined space seconds after their deaths. Time, as we understand it, has ceased to exist, and all bodily sensations seem to have disappeared.

Lindstedt plays with genres from essay to poetry, transitioning from humour to rage – while asking her reader to contemplate the question of death’s inevitability and what follows it.

Nordic Council Literature Prize nominee 2017
Finlandia Prize 2015
Toisinkoinen Prize 2015
Runeberg Prize nominee 2016
Flame Bearer Prize nominee 2016

“When I started reading the novel and I experienced the intensity of Lindstedt’s writing, the suspenseful atmosphere she creates from the very beginning, I understood I was facing a “chef-d’œuvre”. Her capacity to combine a fascinating story while building a reflection on the meaning of life and death is astonishing. We are immensely proud to welcome her at Gallimard.”

– Marie-Pierre Gracedieu, Gallimard, France

“A socio-critical and feminist perspective is integrated into the harsh realism of this fantasy, and Lindstedt’s descriptions of human tragedy and the mechanisms of coercion are certainly no bed-time stories.”

– Nordic Council Literature Prize jury

“Super-readable, but buckle up – things get a bit Black Mirror at times.”

Cosmopolitan U.K.

The translation rights of Oneiron have been sold to 12 territories.

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Entropy – an actual record of a fictional band